Lands, Resources and Heritage

The three branches of the Lands, Resources and Heritage Department have one common goal: the protection of the land, resources and history for the benefit of Ta’an Kwäch’än Citizens. Shäw Níthän!

LANDS              RESOURCES              HERITAGE

January 21, 2019: The LRH Community Gathering Agenda is available here.

The Lands, Resources and Heritage department will be hosting a Community Gathering and invites all TKC citizens participate. January 25th and 26th. The main three objectives are to share LRH successes regarding past and ongoing department initiatives; seek citizen input to improve service delivery and identify needs to develop new projects for the upcoming year; and maintain and grow relationships between citizens and the staff that serve them. There will be a mix of presentations, interactive “workshops”, a Trade Show, and panel discussions. Transportation will be available for those who need a ride. Honouraria will be provided to Citizens who attend. Contact Natalie, at 668-3613 x604 ( for more information. If you need a ride, contact Debbie Burns at the Front Desk.


September 05 – Forms are now available to request PERMISSION TO HUNT ELK and PERMISSION TO HUNT BISON on TKC Lands. These forms can be submitted online, or print them and return them to the Lands, Heritage and Resources Manager.


Current projects needing your input:


Scott Paszkiewicz Manager Lands Resources & Heritage 601
Vacant Natural Resources Technician 602
Kristina Beckmann Fish and Wildlife Program Coordinator 603
Natalie Leclerc Land Use Planning Coordinator 604
Testloa Smith Lands Steward 605
Hannah Gray GIS Analyst 606
Anne-Marie Miller Heritage Technician 608
Nick Howitt Environmental Assessment Technician 610
Andre Eckert-Maret Wildlife Monitor 611
Shawna Tizya Wildlife Monitor 611
Roberta Behn Heritage Programs Coordinator 403


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Restored the Sophie Miller Cabin, Upper Laberge Village