Wellness and Development




Current Projects

Building Employment Capacity for TKC Citizens. In March 2014 TKC Health, Education and Human Resources began working together to develop strategies and services to help TKC Citizens get the skills needed to get a job.  We can help you one-on-one or in a workshop.

Services available:

  • Information about and referrals to employment related resources in Whitehorse
  • Assessment of employment skills and interests
  • Life Skills Development to address barriers to employment
  • Career planning support
  • Employability and Skills Training
  • Post-Secondary Student Support
  • Access to work-experience placements and internships
  • Work gear and transportation assistance when starting a new job
  • Assistance in writing Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Practice Interviews
  • “Post Board” debriefing for unsuccessful applicants on TKC positions


Our Staff
Jessica Bryant Development Manager 408 developmentmanager@taan.ca
Natalie Hare Administrative Assistant 402 adminassist@taan.ca
Charlene Burns Health and Wellness Coordinator 407  healthandwellness@taan.ca
Patricia Boss Home Care Worker 404 pboss@taan.ca
Julie Smith Acting Family Support Worker 405 familysupport@taan.ca
Thalia Hare Income and Social Support Worker 406 incomeassistance@taan.ca
Lori Graham Acting Education Support Worker 401 educationsupport@taan.ca
Heather Griffiths Wellness Manager 409 wellnessmanager@taan.ca
Ben Monkman Youth Outreach Support Worker 334.8306 youthsupport@taan.ca
Barb Crawford Education and Employment Training Coordinator 410 training@taan.ca
Vacant Community Education Liason Coordinator 413 celc@taa.ca