Phone Directory

Phone: 867.668-3613

Chief and Deputy Chief

Amanda Leas Chief 101
Kristina Kane Deputy-Chief 102


Charles Pugh Executive Director 201
Katelyn Friendship Executive Assistant 205
Aashna Jhunjhunwala Office Manager 203
Tynyca Tizya Administrative Assistant 202
Natalie Hare Administrative Assistant 402
Nikita Sawrenko-Bailey Administrative Assistant 600
Janet Smellie Communications Coordinator 204
Michael Draper Legislation and Policy Analyst 206
Teresa Jacobs A/Enrollment Coordinator 207
Damian Kenny Systems Administrator 209
Victoria Holmes Clerk of Council 210
Anne-Marie Miller Implementation Officer 211
Christopher Cowx Research & Project Officer 214

Human Resources

Alexis Brandt Human Resources Manager 212
Roberta Kufeldt Human Resources Advisor 208


John Coyne Manager 213


Andrew Johnston Senior Finance Manager 301


Gloria Cashin Finance Officer 302
Sarrah Telep Accounts Payable Clerk 303
Teresa Jacobs Payroll & Benefits Officer 304

Housing and Infrastructure

Gabriel Profeit Acting Housing & Infrastructure Manager 501
Gabriel Profeit Supervisor/Capital & Infrastructure Coordinator 502
Peter Borotsik Housing & Infrastructure Labourer
Vacant Lead Carpenter
Corey Kirkpatrick Maintenance & General Labourer
Vacant Tenant Relations Administrator 504



Heather Griffiths Wellness Manager 409
Stephanie Horton Income and Social Support Worker 406
Patricia Boss Home Care Worker 404
Charlene Burns Health & Wellness Coordinator 407 
Isabelle Dewhurst  Family Support Worker 405 


Vacant  Development Manager 408 
Vacant Youth Outreach Support Worker 334.8306
Barb Crawford Education & Employment Training Coordinator 410
Kaitlyn Silvester Education Support Worker 401
Vacant Community Education Liaison Coordinator 413

Lands & Resources

Dave Irvine Manager Lands & Resources 601
Kate Andre Natural Resources Coordinator 602
Brandon  Crawford Supervisor Fish and Wildlife 603
Natalie Leclerc Supervisor, Lands & Resources 604
Testloa Smith Lands Steward 605
Vacant GIS Analyst 606
Shawana Williams Environmental Assessment Technician 610
Andre Eckert-Maret Lands Monitor Team Leader 612
Shawna Tizya Wildlife Monitor 611
Justin Jacobs Wildlife Monitor 611
Kadin Hare Wildlife Monitor 611

Heritage & Culture

Vacant Heritage Manager 701
Debbie Burns Cultural Programs Coordinator 702
Vacant Heritage Technician