TKC is looking for interested citizens to sit on Committees that are currently looking for new members or reappointment. The current vacancies are due to term expiry, as per the Terms of Reference for a respective Committee, or no current representation from that Traditional Family. The Traditional Family names presented in the brackets below are the current Committee vacancies. Please contact your Traditional Family Councillor if you are interested in any of the Committees/Commission listed below, and they will bring your nomination to the next Council meeting.

Please keep in mind the Elders Council motion (April 1, 2016) does apply, which states that Committee members must reside within the traditional territory or the Yukon territory.

Citizenship Committee (Jenny LeBarge, Jenny Dawson, Maggie Broeren)

Investment Committee (Jenny Dawson, Jim Boss)

Housing Committee (Jim Boss, Susie Jim, Jenny Dawson)

Education Commission (Jenny Dawson family, Susie Jim)

Audit Committee (Jenny LeBarge, Jenny Dawson, Susie Jim)

External Committee: Northern Native Broadcasting Yukon