The Fox Creek Salmon Restoration Project continues despite the loss of most of this year’s Chinook salmon fry. The Saturday, March 31, 2018 fire at Yukon College’s McIntyre Creek Incubation Facility on Mountainview Drive resulted in the loss of 25,000 Chinook salmon fry. There may be lower numbers of adult returns for several years with fewer eggs being naturally deposited. The opportunity to train youth and staff in tagging in preparation for the fry release will most likely be diminished this season.

However, this is a well-established and healthy project, dear to the hearts of the Ta’an people. Ta’an Kwäch’än Council will continue to monitor juveniles, flow rates, temperatures, wild fry emergence and the adult returns. While the loss of the Chinook fry in the hatchery is a misfortune, it is heartening that some fry, being raised in schools through the Stream to Sea Program, will be available for release. Through the interest of youth, the strength of our staff and Citizens, and the continued support of our partners and collaborators, the 10-year-old Fox Creek Restoration Project will continue to meet challenges and thrive.

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