The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council, in partnership with Ogoki Learning and the Yukon Native Language Centre, is proud to announce the release of its brand new language app.

The Southern Tutchone language app is available for download on Google Play (for Android devices). iPhone and iPad users can download the app from iTunes.

Users will be able to practice the Southern Tutchone language offline on their tablets and smartphones. The app uses audio from the late Irene Smith, provided by the Yukon Native Language Centre.

There are about 450 words, expressions and phrases contained in the app. Categories include greetings, people, places, numbers, colors, animals, plants, food, time, weather, body parts and more.

The idea for the app was initially brought to Council’s attention in late fall by Deputy Chief Michelle Telep, who had been to a conference and heard a woman’s story about her community’s efforts to develop an app that would help revitalize their language.

The app will be provided free of charge based on Council’s recommendation.

Read the CBC Yukon story on the app // listen to the CBC radio piece // see the video or read the Yukon News story.

For more information please contact Chantelle Blackjack, Heritage Programs Coordinator, who participated in the creation of the app: