July 25, 2018 – It is almost time for back to school!  The K-12 Educational Support Applications are now available.

The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council (TKC) provides the following supports for all TKC youth attending K-12 in Yukon Schools:

School Supplies Subsidy: All students are eligible to receive $200 dollars to help cover the cost of school supplies. (cheque issued upon completion of this application form)

Attendance Awards: All students who choose to enroll in the TKC “Steps to Success” attendance initiative are eligible to receive prizes and certificates rewarding consistent school attendance.

Tutoring: All students are eligible for free individual tutoring provided by professional tutors. Lunch time tutoring is available at certain Whitehorse schools. (Please check with the Youth Outreach and Support Worker)

Graduation Regalia Funding: All graduating high school students are eligible to receive $300 dollars for regalia costs as well as a graduation gift valued at $100 dollars. (A cheque for regalia funds will be issued upon confirmation of graduation)

Bus Passes: Monthly bus passes are available to students for extracurricular activities if they do not already receive one from the Department of Education