Chadburn Lake Park is one of five Regional Parks located within the municipal boundary of the City of Whitehorse. It is the largest of the five parks, covering an area of 75.5 km2. The park is rich with history, cultural and heritage attractions, and natural beauty. The park’s numerous assets – notably including historic Miles Canyon and Canyon City, Grey Mountain, several exceptional lakes, and 260 km of worldclass trails – is the envy of many Canadian cities. Today, the park is at a pivotal point in its evolution. Its popularity is growing locally, regionally, and internationally. Trail development and recreational use are increasing. At the same time, there is recognition that Chadburn Lake Park’s future should balance key park values and efforts should focus on restoration and habitat enhancement.

The City initiated a management planning process in 2015 in recognition of the need to manage various park interests and values for today and future generations. Building on previous planning initiatives, such as the 2014 Regional Parks Plan and the 1985 Chadburn Lake Reserve Management Plan (never adopted), the Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan looks at the park’s core assets, issues, and opportunities. It seeks to provide a onestop comprehensive park management resource. A team of consultants led by 3Pikas (a planning, design, and technology firm based in Whitehorse) were retained to work along with City staff. The consulting team included Simon Lapointe of 3Pikas (project lead), Jane Koepke of Jane of all Trades Consulting (recreation planning), and JohnGlynn Morris of Cottongrass Consulting Group (public engagement).

For more details or to download the full Draft Plan, please click here.