Development Department

Vision statement:

“The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council is committed to providing holistic educational programming to citizens that promotes life-long learning. Programming will be sustainable and complemented through partnerships. Our vision is that citizens are successful in the navigation of two worlds—achieving learning goals and honoring our Southern Tutchone language, culture, and heritage.”

Approved by Chief and Council Motion 2016-11-19 (November 28, 2016)

The Education Department offers a variety of lifelong education related programming.

Education and Employment Training | Education Support | Post-Secondary Student Support

 Yukon first nation art certificate program

In partnership with Yukon University, TKC will be offering the Yukon First Nations Art certificate  program in the fall of 2021. This 12-week program is open to learners interested in developing their artistic skills in Indigenous Visual Arts. Full program information available here.

TKC’s Job Search booklet is now available!
Education and Employment
  • Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy (A.S.E.T.S)

A.S.E.T.S. is a federally funded program. The main purpose is to help aboriginal people, who qualify, to successfully enter into the workforce.  The program funds Trades training; short courses needed for employment; College Preparation/Entry Programs and Certificate Programs. Funding may also cover living allowances and travel expenses. The amount of funds available is limited and TKC’s A.S.E.T.S. agreement only covers citizens living in Yukon.

Contact: Education and Employment Training Coordinator

  • Employment Supports

Information and referrals.  Assistance with writing resumes and covering letters.  A.S.E.T.S. funding includes funds towards on the job training initiatives and work gear.

Contact: Education and Employment Training Coordinator

Education Support

The Education Department offers education support, including

  • management of the education initiatives that relate specifically to Ta’an Kwäch’än citizens who are involved in the public school system from kindergarten to grade 12, including post-secondary students
  • educational and personal support to students and their families to ensure that learning outcomes are successful
  • liaison between teachers, students and parents on educational and personal matters
  • liaison with other governments and agenciesregarding educational and tutoring needs
  • guidance and counseling to individuals who consider furthering their education
  • promotion of academic and vocational education
  • cultural awareness
  • support for life-long learning
  • educational support services to Ta’an Kwäch’än Council staff and citizens
  • School supplies

Contact: Education Support Worker

Post-Secondary Student Support

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program provides financial assistance to eligible Ta’an Kwäch’än citizens for access to post-secondary education. The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council administers this program for Indian and Inuit Affairs Canada.

Applicable Policy: Post-Secondary Student Support Policy & Post-Secondary Student Support Policy Living Allowance Rates

Application Procedure: To apply online, go to the bottom of this page. You may also contact the Education Support Worker.

Eligibility Criteria: The applicant must be a Ta’an Kwäch’än citizen residing in Canada.

Eligible Program Studies: The Ta’an Kwäch’än Council may support post-secondary education applicants at the following levels:

Level I
• Community College, Diploma or Certificate Programs
•  Support for up to two years with a one year extension
Level II
• Undergraduate Bachelor Programs
•  Support for up to four years with a one year extension
Level III
•  Professional and Graduate Degree Programs
•  Support for the completion of a master’s program or a doctoral thesis for up to two years with a one year extension
Support may also be provided for
College Preparation
•  Supported for up to 12 months of college preparation courses or the First Nations Access Programs/Northern Advancement Program. Not all courses, however, offered by post-secondary institutions are eligible, including developmental studies (up-grading). Students may apply for an extension for college preparation
Full-Time Distance and Online Education
•  Enrolment in full-time distance or online post-secondary program of studies is eligible for reimbursement

To apply for Post-Secondary Student Support, click on the documents below

Please fill out and submit all four application forms.

DEADLINES for applications are: Summer start ‐ March 15, Fall start ‐ July 15, and Winter start ‐ November 15; late applications will be held until TKC can determine whether or not sufficient funds are available.

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