Ta’an Kwäch’än citizens carry out their economic development activities through two primary vehicles: the Mundessa Development Corporation and 12028 Yukon Inc.

The Mundessa Development Corporation is named after Mädesà (Old Man Chief) from Hutshi, the father of Kishxóot (Chief Jim Boss), and was established in 1994 as a non-profit, federally incorporated business whose members are Ta’an Kwäch’än citizens. The corporation’s mandate is to engage in activities that are of socio-economic, cultural and environmental relevance. Some of its projects create short-term jobs, training and provide other social, cultural and environmental benefits. The corporation’s Board of Directors is appointed by the five Ta’an Kwäch’än traditional families. The corporation reports directly to its membership and is managed by a general manager. Current activities of the corporation include the Thirty-Mile River patrol, Fire Smart program, Gunnar-Nilson Research Forest interpretative planning and fencing, Ta’an Kwäch’än Council settlement lands survey and property development.

The second institution, 12028 Yukon Inc., is a for-profit corporation wholly owned by the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council. 12028 Yukon Inc. invests in revenue generating projects and businesses for the long-term benefit of Ta’an Kwäch’än citizens. 12028 Yukon Inc. has investments in the RAB Energy Group (Northerm Windows), 35403 Yukon Inc. (a corporation owned by five Yukon First Nations or their development corporations, which, in turn, owns 51 per cent of Epcom Resources Ltd.) and 33225 Yukon Inc. (an aboriginal corporation that owns the Lynn Building in Whitehorse).