Lands Branch

YESAB Projects
  • 2016-0194 Soil Segregation Facility

Summary- The proposed Soil Segregation Facility will expand the current Special Waste Management Facility located at the CoW Landfill, owned and operated by KBL environmental Ltd. The Soil Segregation Facility will allow for on-site treatment and separation of hydrocarbon contaminated material such as soil. The proposed project will utilize such technologies such as conventional mechanical aeration treatment and thermal desorption so that more contaminated soils can be treated in Yukon, instead of having to be shipped south. Untreatable material will continue to be shipped  for disposal or treatment.

The Proponent will respond to an information request on or before March 31, 2017.

  • 2017-0003- Annie Lake Trucking Copper Haul Road Quarry Lease Renewal
  • 2017-0004- Eldorado Ranch Crop Irrigation (Water Use Licence Renewal)

Yukon Water Board: Public comment period for AG17-003 has begun. Deadline for submitting comments is April 3, 2017.

  • 2017-0052- City of Whitehorse Quarry Lease Expansion and Renewal (McLean Lake Road)
  • 2017-0058- Travolion Pit- Copper Haul Road NEW Quarry Lease

Summary- The proposed project is located in a highly industrial area- Mount Sima Subdivision/ Whitehorse Copper Belt. Geotechnical exploration was complete in 2014. The granular supply is estimated to be 850,000 m3.

  • 2017-0062- Annual Chinook Salmon Fry Release Renewal
  • 2017-0076- Class 3 Quartz Exploration- Salloon Property

Summary- the proposed project is a class III quartz exploration on 52 claims located 68km northeast of Whitehorse, on Boswell mountain and adjacent to Loon Lakes.  Exploration activities may include: camp construction, prospecting, geological mapping, geochemical sampling, drill pad construction, diamond drilling, geophysical surveys, hand trenching, and helicopter use.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above projects, please view the project packages on the YESAB Online Registry (YOR) at the YESAB website or contact the Whitehorse Designated Office at (867) 456-3200 or email at

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the TKC Environmental Assessment Technician- Shawana Williams at (867) 668-3613 ext. 610 or email at