Lands Branch

Summary of Environmental Assessment Priority and Important Projects, YESAB Applications, Land Branch/Agriculture Branch Applications, YWB Applications and Amendment Applications

Location of Assessment Projects (click on map to see full size)

Priority Projects

2016-0025 Sod Farm Expansion

  • This Application (AG17-007) is under review at the Water Board, but not yet available for public comment. An application for rezoning has been filed with the Land Management Board (please see below).
Important Projects

None at this time

Current YESAB Applications Under Public Review

Adequacy Review

2018-0105 YEC Transmission Line Access Restoration and Enhancement

  • Purpose – to restore and enhance accesses to the transmission line for emergency repair and ongoing maintenance and operations


Seeking Views and Information

2018-0003 Bridge over Nordenskiold River

  • Purpose – to build a 12’ x 80’ bridge over the river, and to construct 700’ of new trail in order to provide access to a lot owned by the Proponent

2018-0074 Cardlock & Convenience Store – Hillcrest

  • Purpose – to construct a gas station, cardlock, and convenience store (there will also be a RV sanitary dump and propane fill on site)

2018-0079 Marsh Lake THP Road Development and Upgrades

  • Purpose – to upgrade and construct new and temporary roads that are extensions of existing roads within the THP; upgrade existing roads: and increase the volume of timber being harvested


Reviewing Information/Preparing Recommendations

2018-0085 Mile 91807 Compound Upgrade

  • Purpose – to upgrade the existing compound to allow for equipment storage, improved drainage, and additional parking.

2018-0095 Powerline to Lot 1201-2 Burma Road

  • Purpose – the construction, operation, and maintenance of a powerline to provide electrical service to Lot 1201-2 Burma Road


Recommendation Sent

2017-0196 Haeckel Ski Road Quarry

  • Purpose – to extend the existing Quarry lease from 2022 until 2027, and to reduce the volume estimates from 500,000 m3 to 350,000 m3
  • Recommendation – Proceed

2018-0002 Francophone Secondary School

  • Purpose – to build a French first language school in Whitehorse on the old F.H. Collins site
  • Recommendation – Proceed with conditions

2018-0052 DFO – Takhini River Chinook Salmon Restoration

  • Purposes:
    1. Monitor the population abundance of Chinook salmon using sonar
    2. Assess the distribution of adult spawners and summer rearing juvenile Chinook salmon
    3. Quantifying and characterizing habitats used by Chinook salmon in the Takhini River
  • Recommendation – Proceed

2018-0069 McLean Lake Quarry Renewal – 940173

  • Purpose – renew the existing quarry lease to continue operations
  • Recommendation – Proceed


Decision Document Issued

2017-0191 Mendocina and Dycer Creek Placer Operation

  • Purpose – to continue mining 61 contiguous placer claims on Mendocina and Dycer Creeks
  • Recommendation – Proceed subject to terms and conditions
  • Decision – Varies the recommendation and the terms and conditions

2017-0209 Alaska Highway Upgrades km 1435.5 to km 1437.5

  • Purpose – to add new turn lanes, merge lanes, through lanes, and a service road at the junction of Alaska and Klondike highways in order to improve traffic flow and safety
  • Recommendation – Proceed
  • Decision – Accepts

2018-0017 FH Collins Track and Turf Field

  • Purpose – to construct a permanent track and turf field for the use of FH Collins Secondary School
  • Recommendation – Proceed subject to terms and conditions
  • Decision – Accepts

2018-0024 Heather Lakes Aggregate Project

  • Purpose – to conduct a gravel exploration program in order to outline a potential new aggregate resource in the Southern Whitehorse area
  • Recommendation – Proceed subject to terms and conditions
  • Decision – Accepts

2018-0030 Naturally Northern Meats Abattoir

  • Purpose – to continue operating the existing abattoir, which started operations in 2016
  • Recommendation – Proceed
  • Decision – Accepts


Land Management/Planning/Agriculture Branch Applications Under Public Review

License of Occupation:


  • Location – Km 1.5 Long Lake Road
  • Purpose – to store equipment, use the site for firework shows (including the construction of wooden bases used to launch fireworks), and to construct a chain link fence on two sides of the parcel

Rezoning Application:


  • Location – Km 218 Klondike Highway (Horse Creek)
  • Purpose – to rezone 39 ha from Hinterland to Agricultural Holdings to allow a lease for the development of a sod farm

Subdivision Applications:


  • Location – Takhini River Road Lot 1579
  • Purpose – create condo corp. with 2 existing staffing units and 1 proposed staffing unit


  • Location – Takhini River Road Lot 1566
  • Purpose – home site severance on existing agriculture parcel

Land Use Permit Applications:

2018-I806 – Powerline Installation to Lot 1201-2 Burma Rd (YESAB Project 2018-0095)

2018-F807 – Summer and winter maintenance of Braeburn Trail, Dawson Trail, and Coal Road (YESAB Project 2018-0003)

Amendment Applications

None at this time


If you would like to learn more about any of the above projects, please view the project packages on the YESAB Online Registry (YOR) at the YESAB website or contact the Whitehorse Designated Office at 867.456.3200 or email at If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the TKC Environmental Assessment Technician at 867.668.3613 ex. 610 or email at