Lands Branch

Summary of Environmental Assessment Priority and Important Projects, YESAB Applications, Land Branch/Agriculture Branch Applications, YWB Applications and Amendment Applications

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Priority Projects

2016-0025 Sod Farm Expansion

  • This Application (AG17-007) is under review at the Water Board, but not yet available for public comment.

Yukon Energy Corporation – Southern Lakes Enhanced Storage Concept

Important Projects

None at this time

Current YESAB Applications Under Public Review

Adequacy Review

2017-0196 Haeckel Ski Road Quarry

  • Purpose – to extend the existing Quarry lease from 2022 until 2027, and to reduce the volume estimates from 500,000 m3 to 350,000 m3

2018-0003 Bridge over Nordenskiold River

  • Purpose – to build a 12’ x 80’ bridge over the river, and to construct 700’ of new trail in order to provide access to a lot owned by the Proponent


Seeking Views and Information

2018-0030 Naturally Northern Meats Abattoir

  • Purpose – to continue operating the existing abattoir, which started operations in 2016


Reviewing Information/Preparing Recommendations

2017-0191 Mendocina and Dycer Creek Placer Operation

  • Purpose – to continue mining 61 contiguous placer claims on Mendocina and Dycer Creeks

2017-0209 Alaska Highway Upgrades km 1435.5 to km 1437.5

  • Purpose – to add new turn lanes, merge lanes, through lanes, and a service road at the junction of Alaska and Klondike highways in order to improve traffic flow and safety

2018-0002 Francophone Secondary School

  • Purpose – to build a French-first language school in Whitehorse on the old F.H. Collins site

2018-0017 FH Collins Track and Turf Field

  • Purpose – to construct a permanent track and turf field for the use of FH Collins Secondary School

2018-0024 Heather Lakes Aggregate Project

  • Purpose – to conduct a gravel exploration program in order to outline a potential new aggregate resource in the Southern Whitehorse area


Recommendation Sent

2017-0164 McIntyre Creek/Mountain View Dr. Culvert Rehab

  • Purpose – to repair damage to the north culvert inlet, remediate the inlet area using riprap to prevent erosion, and remove deposited sediments a distance of 20m upstream to improve flow
  • Recommendation – Proceed subject to terms and conditions

2018-0005 Barge Launch – Yukon River

  • Purpose – to move a barge (>5t) a distance of ~100’ from Lot #138 in Marwell to the Yukon River on an existing trail
  • Recommendation – Proceed


Decision Document Issued

2017-0157 KDFN Lot 1252 Development Preparation – KM 1423 Alaska Highway

  • Purpose – to prepare land (3.2 Ha) for the development of a Cardlock, truck parking, a 60 X 150 ft. operations building, and future highway services, which is located directly across the highway from the Beringia Centre
  • Recommendation – Proceed
  • Decision – Accept

2017-0172 Environment Yukon Stocked Lakes Program

  • Purpose – to continue stocking 19 pothole lakes in central and southern Yukon including Cantlie, Chadden, Hidden 1 & 2, and Scout Lakes to provide sport fishing opportunities for Arctic Char, Kokanee Salmon, and Rainbow Trout
  • Recommendation – Proceed
  • Decision – Accept

2017-0189 Solar Farm at Mount Sima Industrial

  • Purpose – to lease 1.3 ha from the Yukon Government for the development of a solar farm
  • Recommendation – Proceed subject to terms and conditions
  • Decision – Varies the recommendation and the terms and conditions
Land Management Branch/Agriculture Branch Applications Under Public Review

None at this time

Amendment Applications

None at this time


If you would like to learn more about any of the above projects, please view the project packages on the YESAB Online Registry (YOR) at the YESAB website or contact the Whitehorse Designated Office at 867.456.3200 or email at If you have any further questions or comments, please contact the TKC Environmental Assessment Technician at 867.668.3613 ex. 610 or email at