TKC Youth Canoe Trip on the Thirty Mile!

Ta’an Kwäch’än Council was fortunate to receive funding from the Canadian Heritage Rivers System Celebrate Canada 150 to enable for a youth canoe trip and an Elder’s boat trip on the Thirty Mile section of the Yukon River. The Thirty Mile is of national historic...

Youth Pizza Night

Youth Pizza Night – Tuesday July 4th. All TKC teens and those into their 20’s are invited to a youth pizza night, 5-7 on Tuesday July 4th at Boston Pizza.This will provide an opportunity to renew friendships, provide input and guidance to your Leadership on the future...

Father’s Day BBQ location

The TKC Father’s Day BBQ, which was supposed to take place at Rotary Park, is now taking place at the Heath and Education building at 117 Industrial Road. We look forward to seeing you between 5 and 7 pm!
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